Essential Soccer Skills by DK Publishing

By DK Publishing

Ideal for every age and ability degrees, Essential football Skills progresses from newbie fundamentals to complex concepts, that includes illustrated sequences on the way to examine and grasp key talents, and how one can enhance your total shape.

The Essential Skills sequence is at-a-glance reference jam-packed with instant-access, easy-to-understand tips on how to assist you increase your online game, your strategy, and your creativity.

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Kangaroo leather, which is markedly stronger, lighter, and more supple than other leathers, is widely used in shoe manufacture. ,, 30 ON ARTIFICIAL TURF, PLAYERS WEAR ATHLETIC SHOES WITH RUBBER STUDS ON THE SOLE. An outer coating on some shoes increases the level of friction for kicking The insoles can be premolded to the player’s feet for a perfect fit ,, Synthetic materials reduce water absorption, which helps keep the shoe light TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS While innovations in modern soccer shoe design may appear to be limited to a profusion of often garish colors and logos, there have, in fact, been a number of significant technological developments.

THE BASICS | THE GOAL The dimensions of the goal vary depending on the type of soccer being played. In five-a-side, for example, the ball must not go above head height, so the goal is low. In beach soccer, the goal is slightly smaller than it is for professional matches, because the sand makes it difficult for the goalkeeper to cover distances quickly. THE BASICS | THE FIELD The field Technical area One person at a time can instruct from this 3ft (1m) area that extends on either side of the dugout Professional soccer is played on a flat grass or artificial turf field, with set markings.

Fouls committed in this area result in a penalty kick OPPOSING PLAYERS MUST NOT ENCROACH INSIDE THE CENTER CIRCLE UNTIL THE KICKOFF HAS TAKEN PLACE. ,, 12cm (43⁄4in) Center mark and circle A game begins, or restarts after a goal or following half time, from the center mark IMPERFECT FIELD? English team Yeovil Town’s former field at Huish was renowned in the game for its alarmingly sloping field. 8m) from one side of the field to the other. The site of the old field is now home to a supermarket. 32m) long ,, 39 THE BASICS | THE FIELD ,, THE OUTER EXTREMES OF THE FIELD ARE DELINEATED BY THE SIDELINES AND GOAL LINES.

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