Self Comes to Mind: Constructing the Conscious Brain by Antonio R. Damasio

By Antonio R. Damasio

From probably the most major neuroscientists at paintings this present day, a pathbreaking research of a query that has confounded philosophers, psychologists, and neuroscientists for hundreds of years: how is attention created?
Antonio Damasio has spent the prior thirty years learning and writing approximately how the mind operates, and his paintings has garnered popularity of its singular melding of the medical and the humanistic. In Self involves Mind, he is going opposed to the long-standing concept that realization is one way or the other break away the physique, featuring compelling new medical proof that consciousness—what we expect of as a brain with a self—is to start with a organic procedure created by means of a residing organism. along with the 3 conventional views used to check the brain (the introspective, the behavioral, and the neurological), Damasio introduces an evolutionary viewpoint that involves a thorough swap within the means the background of wakeful minds is seen and informed. He additionally advances an intensive speculation concerning the origins and sorts of emotions, that is principal to his framework for the organic development of awareness: emotions are grounded in a close to fusion of physique and mind networks, and primary emerge from the traditionally outdated and humble mind stem instead of from the fashionable cerebral cortex.
Damasio means that the brain’s improvement of a human self turns into a problem to nature’s indifference and opens the best way for the looks of tradition, a thorough holiday during evolution and the resource of a brand new point of existence regulation—sociocultural homeostasis. He leaves doubtless that the blueprint for the work-in-progress he calls sociocultural homeostasis is the genetically well-established simple homeostasis, the curator of price that has been found in basic life-forms for billions of years. Self involves Mind is a groundbreaking trip into the neurobiological foundations of brain and self.

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At first glance these questions might seem to have no place in a conversation about brain, mind, and consciousness. But in fact they do, and, as we shall see, the notion of value is central to our understanding of brain evolution, brain development, and actual, moment-to-moment brain activity. Of the questions posed above, only the question of why items carry a price tag has a fairly straightforward answer. Indispensable items and items that are hard to obtain, given the high demand for them or their relative rarity, carry a higher cost.

We talk of the heart as a pump, we describe blood circulation as plumbing, we refer to the action of limbs as levers, and so forth. ” This mode of thinking, which by and large is quite illuminating, is also responsible for the less-than-helpful idea that the brain is a digital computer and the mind something like the software that one may run in it. But the real problem of these metaphors comes from their neglect of the fundamentally different statuses of the material components of living organisms and engineered machines.

Practically all other cells in the body do, although the cells of the lenses in our eyes and the muscle fiber cells of the heart are exceptions. It would not be a good idea for such cells to divide. If cells in the lens were to undergo division, the transparency of the medium would likely be affected during the process. If cells in the heart were to divide (even only one sector at a time, a bit like the carefully planned remodeling of a house), the pumping action of the heart would be severely compromised, much as it is when a myocardial infarct disables a sector of the heart and unbalances its chambers’ fine coordination.

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