Sports in America: Recreation, Business, Education and by Bob Jacobson

By Bob Jacobson

Ebook by way of Jacobson, Bob

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Ciϭ14812&pgϭ1 (accessed September 22, 2005). Copyright © 2005 by The Gallup Organization. Reproduced by permission of The Gallup Organization. SOURCE: Geography Professional football is at or near the top in every part of the country. In the South, nearly as many people like college football as follow the professionals. In the West, baseball ranks a very close second to pro football. Interestingly, auto racing, considered a southern sport in the public imagination, is more or less equally popular across the country, though its fan base lags slightly in the West.

33 SOURCE: “No. 1237. S. pdf (accessed September 22, 2005). 3 Jai alai Total performances Games played Attendance Total handle Revenue to government Professional rodeo Rodeos Performances Members Permit-holders (rookies) Total prize money Note: NAϭNot available. a Beginning 1997, two rounds of playoffs were played. Prior years had one round. b Season ending in year shown. c Includes All-Star game, not shown separately. d Beginning 1987 includes preseason attendance, not shown separately. e Includes Pro Bowl, a nonchampionship game and Super Bowl.

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