Teach Yourself Latvian Complete Course by Tereza Svilane

By Tereza Svilane

You'll Love studying Latvian the short and simple method with educate Yourself

Whether you’re a vacationer, scholar, or businessperson, you’ll locate it effortless to select up Latvian, a language spoken via hundreds of thousands of individuals each day. Teach your self Latvian includes:

  • Extensive routines so that you can assessment what you've realized
  • an outline of the Latvian tradition, so that you know how the language is utilized in context

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Jus esat Karlisr tas ir? jus esat latviesi? vina ir Mara? ta ir Ilze? vins lr? vins lr arsts? Masculine or feminine? We have seen that some words that end in -is are masculine (singular), others are feminine (plural). See if you can remember which is which from the following list: teatris, divritenis, naktis, brokastis, durvis, puikstenis, dzivoklis, pilis What will be the plural form of these nouns? gramata, avize, zurnals, diena, nedela, menesis, gads, maja, kaimins, koks, puke, zale, gimene, berns, dels,mei ta, bralis, masa, skapi s,masi na, iela, pilseta, skots, brits, anglis, latvietis, latvi ete,pui si s, draugs Rearrange these mixed up sentences so that they make sense.

This is what is known as a case. Each case has a question word that belongs to it. There are seven cases in Latvian, but five 一 the nominative, locative, accusative, dative and genitive - are considered to be the main ones. • The nominative is the standard form of the noun. In the dictionary, nouns always appear in the nominative case. ,i s acti ng or doi ng somethi ng. '. For example: Anglija (in England)^ darba (at work). Often the locative is 21>OK^ brlvdienas (f.

This is a ticket That is a passport. ): Vai tie ir jusu berni? §ie ir mani berni. §is ir musu meitas. Tas ir manas draudzenes. Are they / those your children? These are my children. These are our daughters. Those are my (female) friends. Latvian and Latvian There are different ways of saying Latvian. A Latvian person is a latvietis (male) or a latviete (female). The Latvian people are latviesi. The Latvian language is latviesu valoda (literally, language of the Latvians). That is why latviesi runa latviski, and angli runa angliski (Latvians speak Latvian, English people speak English).

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