The Duke of Wellington in Caricature by John Physick

By John Physick

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We were betrayed many times in the past. There will be no more betrayals because there are no more negotiations. No more deals. No more talk. The days of the imperialists and the corrupt communists are about to end. We will watch as our enemies all begin to die. Soon their citizens will become paralyzed by fear. They will be afraid to leave their homes, afraid to go to their jobs or send their children to school, afraid to come in contact with one another. There will be no safe place. And as each country falls into chaos and anarchy, world dominance will come to us like a sparrow upon the breeze.

A moment later, a sheet of paper slipped from his laser printer. "Here's the info. " She stood and took the paper. "Hey, anytime," he said. " Cotten smiled. " CAGES The sign over the door readT-Kup Technologies, Factory Service and Support. The building, one of three in a row along Doughty Street, was a windowless, three-story brick structure. As Cotten watched the taxi that brought her pull away, she began to have second thoughts of coming alone. The new intern had offered to accompany her, but canceled at the last moment, saying something had come up.

Franks," he said. " "I'm Franks. " "Nice to meet you, Mr. " Cotten didn't extend her hand, and Franks didn't offer his. He brushed back his straw-like hair that appeared combed with a Weed Eater and then stuffed his jittery hands in his pockets. Still, he couldn't hide having the shakes. Small facial tics and eye twitches combined with repeated sniffling were dead-on clues as to his malady. Cotten had the feeling that Jimmy Franks was about to short circuit. " He gave a nervous laugh. " He looked around the room with the same anxious glances as when she stood in the doorway.

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