The Verb in Turkish by Eser Erguvanli Taylan

By Eser Erguvanli Taylan

This ebook is a set of articles at the houses of the verb in Turkish because the center part of clause constitution, via linguists from various elements of the realm. Articles current the newest analyses at the Turkish language performed in a number of theoretical orientations in the functional-formal variety. the subjects researched within the contributions focus on homes of verbal inflection because the morphological capability to specific temporal, aspectual and modal notions, and the consequences of those morphological configurations to syntactic theory.

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This position is also tacitly assumed in classical grammars, as well as by Lees and more recently in Groat (1992) and Tosun (1998). Against this hypothesis is Cinque (1999), where tense aspect and mood are indeed functional categories that obey certain universal conditions. I will briefly return to these issues briefly further below. 7. I will not consider the fine details of the distinction between witnessed and unwitnessed aspect in Turkish. See for this Aksu-Koç (1988) and Slobin and A. Koç (1982).

In both cases the main Tense on the verb iç is aorist. In (29a) this is followed by the auxiliary -y- which is deleted by a phonological rule, and in (29b) the same aorist is followed by ol-, a full verb that takes Tense1 affixes. Clearly the sense of 15 16 Engin Sezer the past -DI is not determined by its functional relation to the preceding aorist, but by the verb that hosts it. Consider the preemptive adverb bir defa, which has the force of ‘what’s done is done’, ‘there’s no turning back now’, etc.

Leiden: E. J. Brill Adams, E. W. 1970. “Subjunctive and Indicative Conditionals”. Foundations of Language 6: 89–94. Aissen, J. 1974. The Syntax of Causative Constructions. D.

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