Unity by Steven Harper

By Steven Harper

A prophecy is fulfilled whilst Peter Attis is rescued from the Cylons to be able to store humanity with "the plague of the tongue." Or so it seems… While harvesting algae for conversion into nutrients, the beleaguered human/refugee fleet is came upon through a small workforce of Cylon raiders. a quick conflict ends with the destruction of a Cylon heavy raider. A colonial factor break out pod chanced on floating one of the particles unearths survivors within: Singer Peter Attis . . . and his captor, a Cylon quantity Eight. Soon after Peter's liberation, humans start babbling incoherently and shedding into comas. Unwittingly, Peter has been spreading a hugely contagious, nerve-deteriorating Cylon organic weapon -- and he simply played for part the fleet. As Dr. Gaius Baltar starts off paintings on a healing, notice starts off to unfold fanatical sect believes that Peter is the spiritual chief who will keep humanity and that this virus is their route to salvation. they're prepared to do whatever to maintain Baltar's vaccine from being dispensed.  While the fleet is in chaos, a bigger Cylon strength appears to be like. A weakened humankind, now threatened on fronts, should be not able to guard itself…

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Gaius held his breath. “Toss him,” Adama said shortly, and turned to leave. CHAPTER 3 The marines dragged Peter away. An expression of terror twisted his handsome face and he was shouting incoherently, struggling against his bonds. ” Kara and Baltar said simultaneously. Their words tumbled out in an overlapping rush. “You’re making a terrible mistake! Who knows what he might know? There’s no proof he’s a Cylon. You could be executing an innocent man. How could it hurt to put him in the brig? We’ve had Sharon on board for weeks, and she’s only helped us.

Kara was half sure its single red eye had widened in surprise. Another raider exploded under Lee’s expert fire, leaving only the nuke raider. Kara eyed it uncertainly. It hovered in front of her and stared back, its single eye tracking back and forth. Kara wondered if it was scanning her somehow and the thought made cold worms crawl over her skin. She didn’t dare fire, and the frakking thing knew it. ” Hot Dog shouted over the com. “Another contingent of raiders coming out of the basestar’s ass.

The last person I saw was a little boy, maybe eight years old. ” Kara found tears pricking at the corners of her own eyes. She forced them back and told herself this could be nothing more than a story told by a Cylon desperate to convince her that he was human. Just because he was handsome and famous didn’t mean he wasn’t a liar. The tears ebbed. ” Lee asked. ” Peter’s eyes hardened. “That was when the Cylons grabbed us. They hauled the pod onto one of their ships. We all thought we were dead.

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