Drug Metabolism Concepts by Donald M. Jerina (Eds.)

By Donald M. Jerina (Eds.)

content material: Cytochrome P-450 : its function in oxygen activation for drug metabolism / R.W. Estabrook and J. Werringloer --
artificial types for the response phases of cytochrome P-450 / James P. Collman and Thomas N. Sorrell --
Biochemical reviews on drug metabolism : isolation of a number of types of liver microsomal cytochrome P-450 / M.J. Coon, J.L. Vermilion, K.P. Vatsis, J.S. French, W.L. Dean, and D.A. Haugen --
solution of a number of kinds of rabbit liver cytochrome P-450 / Eric F. Johnson and Ursula Muller-Eberhard --
Enantiomeric selectivity and perturbation of product ratios as tools for learning the multiplicity of microsomal enzymes / William F. Trager --
position of purified cytochrome P-448 and epoxide hydrase within the activation and detoxing of benzo[a]pyrene / W. Levin, A.W. wooden, A.Y.H. Lu, D. Ryan, S. West, A.H. Conney, D.R. Thakker, H. Yagi, and D.M. Jerina --
In vitro reactions of the diastereomeric 9,10-epoxides of (+) and ( --
)-trans-7,8-dihydroxy-7,8-dihydrobenzo-[a]pyrene with polyguanylic acid and proof for formation of an enantiomer of every diastereomeric 9,10-epoxide from benzo[a]pyrene in mouse epidermis / P.D. Moore, M. Koreeda, P.G. Wislocki, W. Levin, A.H. Conney, H. Yagi, and D.M. Jerina --
function of metabolic activation in chemical-induced tissue damage / Sidney D. Nelson, Michael R. Boyd, and Jerry R. Mitchell.

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