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In addition, it will only let out that amount of information to you when you need it and are able to understand it at that particular time. It’s like a fail safe mechanism, all of the information is there right in front of your face, every bit of it, but you will not see it until you are ready to see it. Moreover, if you look for it, you will never see it. And if you do not practise the form at least once per day, you will never see it, as this is the only way that “God” has to teach us what is meant to be learnt through the form.

They do not use techniques, their whole body is involved in the survival, every muscle and ligament is being used, not just a paw or a mouth, but the whole body and energy that seems to come from nowhere is being used to give that animal an aggression that even scares the largest human being. This is how we are taught to fight to survive in the internal martial arts. We are told certain ‘classic sayings’, which when implemented turn us into a raving animal. What we are told to do in ‘Baguazhang ’ (Pa-Kua Chang) for instance is to spread the fingers tightly with the palm being concave.

The Qi, (ch’i) is stored in the tantien, goes to feet (bubbling well point Kidney one point), springs from the feet, is directed by the waist and is manifested in the fingers. Although this is true, the Qi really comes firstly from the tantien then travels down to the bubbling well point called kidney 1 at the base of the foot. 13/. Your head should be held as if suspended from above by string. This will pull your backbone upward and sink the Qi to the tantien. 14/. Practise the form three times - once for the bones, muscles and sinews, once for the mind and once for the spirit.

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