Manifolds, Sheaves, and Cohomology by Torsten Wedhorn

By Torsten Wedhorn

This publication explains thoughts which are crucial in just about all branches of recent geometry similar to algebraic geometry, advanced geometry, or non-archimedian geometry. It makes use of the main obtainable case, actual and complicated manifolds, as a version. the writer specifically emphasizes the variation among neighborhood and international questions. Cohomology thought of sheaves is brought and its utilization is illustrated via many examples.

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Hint: Use that every homotopy of paths is uniformly continuous. 14. Let n 1 be an integer and let 0 ¤ v 2 Rn . Show that Rn n R 0 v is contractible. Deduce that S n 1 n fx0 g is contractible for any x0 2 S n 1 . 15. Let n 3 be an integer. Show that Rn n f0g and S n 1 are simply connected. 13), show that there exists 0 ¤ v 2 Rn such that R 0 v 2 Rn n f g. 14. 16. Show that a covering map of finite degree is proper. Show that a covering map of degree 1 is a homeomorphism. 17. Let n 1 be an integer.

Indeed, R is simply connected because it is convex. The map is a covering: For j D ` 1; 1 let Uj D S 1 nfj g. Then U 1 [U1 D S 1 . n; n C 1/ ! n 1 ; n C 12 /. 2 2. The function expW C ! C is a universal covering (use (1) and the polar decomposition of complex numbers). 3. For n 2, the map f W C ! C, z 7! f0g/ D 1 for all z0 2 U . Hence f is not a covering. 17). 30. The fibers of a covering map pW XQ ! 25). 27). Let pW XQ ! X and let f W Z ! X be a continuous map. A continuous map fQW Z ! XQ such that p ı fQ D f is called a lifting of f along p.

X; x/-action. We obtain a functor ˚x W (CovSp(X)) ! X; x/); p 7! 3) Here (Sets-G) denotes the category of sets together with a right action by the group G. x/ is transitive if and only if XQ is path connected. Indeed, the condition is clearly necessary. Conversely suppose that XQ is path connected. Q Then yQ D xQ Œp ı Q . x/ and choose a path Q in XQ from xQ to y. X; Q ! X; x/ consists of those homotopy classes of paths xQ of x Q x// Q whose lift to XQ with start point xQ has also end point x.

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