The Big Freeze by H. Badger

By H. Badger

Space Scout is one other wonderful sequence from the creators of Zac strength! Kip Kirby is occurring his first area Scout project! yet how a lot enjoyable will or not it's if his starship is appearing like a grumpy babysitter?

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His spacesuit was specially shaped to fit his ears. That’s how Kip knew they were flattened in fear. WorldCorp had predicted a sunny planet. But when Kip checked the temperature on his SpaceCuff, it was 316 degrees below zero! Freezing winds whistled across icy rocks. Giant shards of what looked like crystal stuck up at weird angles. The air was full of dust. It was so gloomy and dusty that Kip couldn’t tell if it was day or night. ‘Humans couldn’t live here,’ said Finbar, his fangs chattering.

They were now in outer space. ’ asked Finbar as they walked. ’ MoNa was testing me! thought Kip. Every door Kip and Finbar came to slid open automatically. Behind each door were more corridors heading in every direction. ’ asked Kip. ‘It’s easy because I’m an Animaul,’ said Finbar. ’ Kip stopped in his tracks. He’d heard of Animauls, of course. He’d just never been sure they really existed. Animauls were another WorldCorp invention. They were humans crossed with vicious animals such as wolves, pythons and crocodiles.

There’d be no need to keep Finbar prisoner! Crouching down, Kip ripped up a bunch of frozen weeds poking out of the rock. The weeds were leathery, blue and dry. Perfect, he thought. Kip raced into the tunnel leading to the hatchery. Clutching the weeds firmly in one hand, he crawled down through the tunnel. When he was almost at the hatchery, he stopped. He took the lighter from the kit. His hands trembling, Kip clicked the ignition button on the lighter. The laser fired, but nothing else happened.

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