The Bush League Of Nations: The Coalition Of The Unwilling, by James A. Swanson

By James A. Swanson

With difficult research and strong humor, the writer exposes the Coalition of the prepared as a rightwing fantasy to lie to american citizens whereas the neo-GOP wages battle on Iraq and the US. contains three plans: 1) "Withdraw from Iraq and Win in Afghanistan;" 2) "An foreign Plan;" and three) "Support Our Troops." comprises research of the so-called coalition and the 50+ international locations shamelessly claimed to be individuals. themes comprise: the simply conflict rules; company mercenaries in Iraq; the warmongering position of neocons and large Media; GOP corruption in the United States and Iraq; treason and crimes opposed to humanity; and GOP instruments used to intestine the U.S. structure and bankrupt the USA. comprises Articles of Impeachment and large index. the writer served within the Peace Corps within the Muslim state of Morocco. Raised a Lutheran in North Dakota and now a Methodist, he is appalled on the Christian Reich's neo-Jesus: Pro-War and Pro-Rich. He holds JD & MBA levels from Stanford and SB from MIT. See

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It is based in religion, politics, and the experience of countless human conflicts. There are certainly many situations in which a war is both justified and moral. 10 These general principles include: • legitimate authority, • just cause, • right intention, • last resort, • reasonable chance for success, and • proportionality. In addition to determining whether a proposed war is a just war, the general principles also determine how a just war must be waged. These additional principles include noncombatant immunity and proportionate means.

Bush League Nuclear Weapons Policies: An Exercise in Stupid Power Unlike the risk of Saddam’s WMDs, which existed only in the propaganda used to sell Bush’s war on Iraq, the risk of nuclear weapons being used against America and its friends is real, and America’s allies are rightly dismayed by Bush’s failure of leadership in this arena. A single nuclear explosion in an American city would be catastrophic in terms of lives lost and lives shattered, and it would change America forever. It would also severely impact America’s civil liberties, likely causing even more damage to the Constitution than that inflicted by the Bush regime during its GOP Reign of Error.

The kill ratios favor America by a large margin, as they should, and most of the enemy die without knowing what hit them. Without sensing the immediate threat, they are breathing one second and dead the next. 34 THE BUSH LEAGUE OF NATIONS Like British King George III’s experience during the American Revolutionary War, the enemy’s evolving military tactics in Iraq surprised America’s King George III and his cocooned advisors. Britain’s King George III expected America’s progressive revolutionary patriots from Massachusetts to “fight like men” in open-field battle in fixed formations, while wearing brightly colored uniforms with a big “X” on each.

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