Weather and Natural Forces by Lorraine Jones

By Lorraine Jones

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3 Which way does the bolt of lightning appear to go, from the ground to the clouds or the clouds to the ground? Does the flash of light really travel this way? Why or why not? #4 A coulomb is a measure of the electrical attraction between two particles. How many coulombs are in a typical lightning strike? Page 42 #5 Where in the United States does lightning strike most often? Why? Where in the world does it strike most often? Why? #6 What are the favorable conditions for lightning to strike? #7 How can you create a small-scale lightning strike in your home?

Your measurements give you a good picture of what is going on in your immediate area. Take these measurements twice a day for one month. Page 18 Analyzing Your Results After you have taken measurements for fifteen days, you can begin to forecast. Try to determine what you think will happen the rest of the day, and predict what you think the weather will be the next day. Here are some questions to consider that will help you in predicting the weather. Record your answers in your notebook or weather journal.

Why or why not? For Further Investigation #1 If you have access to the Internet, try searching for Web sites that have television cameras with live displays of different places. Television stations in many large cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Memphis, have cameras that record the sights and sounds of the day at a particular spot. Bookmark these sites, then visit them each day and record the color of the sky in your chart. Check the daily weather forecasts and reports of current conditions; this will give you excellent data on which to base your conclusions.

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