4–Aminobenzenesulfonamides. 6-Membered Heterocyclic by A. N. Paruta, R. Piekos

By A. N. Paruta, R. Piekos

One in every of 3 volumes which jointly disguise all mentioned solubility info for a big pharmaceutical category: the sulfonamides. a data of solubility information is helpful in all pharmaceutical study. released solubility information for the name compounds were compiled and significantly evaluated, leading to steered solubility values which practicing scientists may well use with self assurance. each one quantity contains structural formulae and molecular weight info for the compounds coated, comfortably grouped jointly

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1941, 1938, 243 398. ; Suter, R. Schweiz. Med. 73(13), 403-8. Wochenschr. PREPARED BY: R. 8 3 a C a l c u l a t e d by compiler AUXILIARY METHOD/APPARATUS/PROCEDURE : Nothing specified. INFORMATION SOURCE A N D PURITY OF MATERIALS: Nothing specified. ESTIMATED ERROR: Nothing specified.

REFERENCES: 1. Kimmig, 176, J. Arch. 722; Erg. Dermatol. Hyg. 1941, 1938, 24, 398. 12 COMPONENTS : (1) ORIGINAL Benzenesulfonamide, 4-amino-[4[(methylamino)sulfonyl]phenyl]- (Neouliron) ; C 1 H [547-53-5] 3 1 N 5 30 4S 2; (2) Phosphoric acid, disodium salt; N a 2H P 0 4; [7558-94-4] (3) Water; H 20 ; Arch. Dermatol. Syphilis 183, 1942, 90-116. [7732-18-5] VARIABLES : PREPARED One temperature: ca 20°C; EXPERIMENTAL MEASUREMENTS: Krüger-Thiemer, E . 74 R. 81 χ 1 0 ~ 3 mol d m -3 solution, compiler ) .

AUXILIARY METHOD/APPARATUS/PROCEDURE : INFORMATION SOURCE AND PURITY OF MATERIALS: A special all-glass app was constructed ena- The source of the materials was not speci- bling the prepn of satd soins, agitation by fied. Pure, anhyd acetone was used. The ab- bubbling a stream of acetone-satd N, filtra- sence of impurities and water in it was con- tion, and distn off the solvent without con- firmed by procedures of the German Pharmaco- tact with air. Two exchangeable dissoln ves- sels of 15 and 8 cm working capacity were peia VI and Spanish Pharmacopeia VIII.

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