An Introduction to the Physics of Intense Charged Particle by R. Miller

By R. Miller

An severe charged particle beam may be characterised as an prepared charged particle circulate for which the results of beam self-fields are of significant significance in describing the evolution of the stream. study using such beams is now a speedily transforming into box with very important functions starting from the improvement of excessive strength resources of coherent radiation to inertial confinement fusion. significant courses have now been confirmed at a number of laboratories within the usa and nice Britain, in addition to within the USSR, Japan, and a number of other japanese and Western eu countries. furthermore, similar examine actions are being pursued on the graduate point at a number of universities within the US and overseas. whilst the writer first entered this box in 1973 there has been no unmarried reference textual content that supplied a huge survey of the real themes, but contained enough element to be of curiosity to the lively researcher. That state of affairs has persevered, and this e-book is an try to fill the void. As such, the textual content is aimed toward the graduate pupil, or starting researcher; even if, it includes plentiful details to be a handy reference resource for the complex worker.

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4. The Macroscopic Fluid Description While the envelope equation developed in the preceding section provides a useful qualitative guide to the general behavior of a charged particle beam, a more detailed understanding of intense beam physics requires a more sophisticated theoretical treatment. Two such approaches are generally available 18 : (1) a plasma kinetics (microscopic) approach based on the Vlasov and Maxwell equations; and (2) a macroscopic fluid approach based on moments of the Vlasov and Maxwell equations.

The change in temperature of the cylindrical volume element dV = 'lTri dl is calculated from -aT = (7J e 'lTr. 13) Sec. S. Heat flow in a cylindrical field-emitting micropoint assuming only resistive heat generation and thermal conduction. p, k, 'IJ, and e denote the electrical resistivity, the thermal conductivity, the mass density, and the specific heat, respectively, of the whisker material. 39 L where 1/ is the mass density, e is the specific heat of the emitter material, and dQ / dt is the net heat flow in the volume element.

In subsequent chapters the fluid equations are used to analyze a wide variety of intense beam topics. Our general procedure will be to first develop important equilibrium configurations, and then to analyze the stability of the equilibrium to small-scale perturbations. 1. Derive Eq. 1). 2. Zo. 3. Calculate the voltage waveform produced by the Blumlein PFL assuming that a load impedance ZL appears at the output at time T after switch closure, where'T is the one-way wave transit time in the Blumlein.

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