Carousel Animals Coloring Book by Christy Shaffer, Coloring Books, Horses

By Christy Shaffer, Coloring Books, Horses

Carousel Animals Coloring publication Книжка-раскраска: Карусель. Тридцать готовых цветных иллюстраций, все основано на подлинных резных античных работах. Для поклонников каруселей и любителей ностальгии: великолепный жеребец и скачущий пони, львы, тигры, зебры, верблюды, морские чудовища, драконы и многое другое.

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Bisect the thin colored Adv. 1/8 1/8 1/4 1/2 A 10-inch (25-cm) square produces a shoe that is 6 1/4 inches (16 cm) long. angles with valley-folds. Swing the white portion forward while folding the model in half. 4. 1. Precrease one diagonal. Lightly fold in half 1/8 point. horizontally to produce a line at the Valley-fold bottom tip upward at that line. 46 4. Reverse-fold the white portion up through the center of the model at the colored edge. FOR THE ROMANTIC 5. 5A. A. 5. Reverse-fold the large colored portion down through the center of the model at the colored edge.

X 7. Roll lower right-hand strip over so that valleyfold meets red portion in upper right. New fold should be parallel to fold made in previous step. Lower left-hand part of valley-fold may not meet corner. Continue rolling paper until it resembles step 8. Y X 8. Valley-fold from X to X where hidden red flap comes to a point—see step 9 for reference. Tuck tip Y under the first red stripe. Rotate model. 9. Valley-fold twice at bottom to tuck flap Z into pocket behind. Z 9A-9C. Make three valley-folds at top of candy cane to form hook.

Reverse-fold four triangles behind to lock picture into place. 43 10-FOLD ORIGAMI 6A. 6A. Turn over. 7. Valley-fold triangles into pockets. Turn over. To produce a fancier frame, complete step 7 and skip to step 9. 1/3 1/3 1/3 8. Roll each corner over and over. 8A. Valley-fold four flaps into pockets to lock picture frame. Turn over. 44 FOR THE ROMANTIC 9. 9. Turn over. Completed Picture Frame 1. Completed Picture Frame 2. 10. Alternate valley- and mountain-folds in an accordion fashion. To produce a picture frame with the opposite coloration, begin with the colored side up.

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