Digital Web 2.0 (Mage: The Ascension) by Phil Brucato, Roger Gaudreau, Jaymi Wiley, Jennifer Clodius,

By Phil Brucato, Roger Gaudreau, Jaymi Wiley, Jennifer Clodius, Jesse Heinig, S. John Ross

Welcome to the Web

Things swap quickly in our on-line world. Years in the past, this residing measurement was once the playground of an elite few. although, the acceleration of the net, the unfold of cyber-culture and the nice Crash of '97 (you suggest you haven't heard of it? Where've you been?) have shaken this "frontier" to its Otherworldly foundations. Here's your probability to take a tour.

There is going the Neighborhood

This revised, ransacked and carefully redone examine Mage's our on-line world stands by itself, no longer only as a moment version, yet as an all-new examine the true web. This booklet explores the geographical regions, humans and powers of the internet, and offers all-new ideas for digital magick. The Ascension struggle keeps, even in our on-line world.

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That usually means the deeper you are, the more you see and the more you can affect. There *is* a downside, though: The more you can affect the Web, the more it can affect you. Sensory Visitation The fact that you're all here tells me you're at least basically familiar with this method. It's the first way in an Adept learns; for some spinners, it's the only way they'll ever know. Two good things about telepresence (another name for sensory visitation): It's easy, and it's safe. Two bad things about telepresence: It's easy and it's safe.

And neither one can be avoided forever, so keep your eye out for 'em. Void Engineers The Voids are our biggest competition in the Web — even bigger now that everyone's racing to reclaim the digital rubble the Great Crash left behind. To the Voids, the Net is just another frontier to explore, and they do it with a vengeance. Their spinners are almost as good as we are (note I said *almost*), and they've reclaimed huge areas of the Web already. Eight out of 10 times, SRVRZ formats are Void work, and they understand the principles of Correspondence better than their steelhead co-workers do.

By the early '70s, the average VA could project into the Web and find something more than black space, glowing lines and strings of code. A funny thing happened when movies like Star Wars and Tron merged with video games in the human consciousness: the Net began to conform to human expectations of computer space! This verifiable proof that reality conforms to human observation and belief (even when the beholder is not present) gave us the boost we needed to set things on a light-speed course. It took the '70s graphics revolution to lay the cornerstones for online communities.

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