How High Can a Kangaroo Hop? by Jackie French

By Jackie French

Why does Australia have animals which are so diversified from others at any place else on the planet? Why do ′roos and wallabies have such huge tummies? Who have been the kangaroos with fangs that lived 10 million years in the past? What′s easy methods to develop into invisible (to kangaroos, at any rate)? Which wallaby is a ′living fossil′ - just like the wallabies that grazed 10 million years in the past? Why do joeys consume their mother′s droppings? Fnd out during this attention-grabbing new booklet! playstation : What do you name a kangaroo with a flower in the back of their ear and an important grin? a cheerful hippy hoppy. a while 7-12

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It’s often high in salt, too, from hundreds of thousands of years of wind blowing in from the sea. Mostly, it’s just not suited to European farming methods, with lots of ploughing. Even today a farm can lose six tonnes of soil for every tonne of wheat it grows—the soil just washes or blows away. So fire-stick farming was a superb way to ensure that the land kept on providing food. What to do with a dead kangaroo Warning! Don’t read this if you’re soft-hearted (or squeamish)! Once a kangaroo (or wallaby) was speared the hunters rushed up.

And these happy, well-fed creatures had babies, and more babies… There were still many areas where roos were wiped out, or almost wiped out, by farmers who didn’t want kangaroos on their land, especially near towns and cities. But the roos’ ability to breed fast and live on the same country area as sheep and cattle meant that in other places there were lots of roos. So they weren’t in danger of all being killed and becoming extinct. But things weren’t as good for the wallabies. Kangaroos like open grasslands—just like sheep and cattle—so clearing the land for farming was good for them.

They assumed that it was the same kind that Cook saw at the top end of the continent. So they called it a ‘kangaroo’. And that’s how the Whiptail Wallaby—called kangaroo in the Guugu Yimithirr language—gave its name to the big Grey and Red Kangaroos that we know today. Whiptail Wallaby Or did it? ’ not ‘small, hopping marsupial’. Maybe the person Cook spoke to was really trying to find out what this stranger was saying! So what should kangaroos really be called? The trouble is there are just too many names to choose from.

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