Kiteboarding by Joanne Mattern

By Joanne Mattern

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Push back off your front foot toward the T, making sure you turn toward the front wall, not away from it. Then sidestep across the court, turn, and hit an imaginary backhand shot. 6 (page 22) as a guide to your footwork. Time yourself to see how long it takes you to do 50 ghosts, 25 to each side. To Decrease Difficulty • Don’t time yourself. Instead, concentrate on the quality of your movement. Success Check • Sidestep across the court. • Pivot on your back foot. • Step across on your front foot.

Knuckles facing up 3. Keep wrist firm and still 3. Keep transferring weight cocked 4. Elbow in close to body onto front foot 5. Elbow pointed downward 4. Bend leading leg 6. Step across on front foot 5. Let ball begin to drop 7. Position body to face back before making contact corner d e Follow-Through 1. Keep hips still 2. Keep weight on front foot 3. Don’t slide or lift back foot off ground Finish 1. Turn head to watch ball 2. Bend elbow 3. Bring racket face above head 10 Proper Grip and Basic Swings Misstep You completely miss the ball.

You’ll be able to position yourself better for shots. You’ll also be able to cover your opponent’s shots quickly and thus have more time to play your own. Traditional and Dynamic Movement Good court movement is important for two main reasons. First, it allows you to cover the court quickly and efficiently. Second, it helps you to position yourself well for shots. Players who haven’t developed good movement constantly find themselves out of position, rushing madly around the court trying to keep the ball in play.

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