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CONTEXT MATTERS The history of social movements attempting to upend unequal power relations shows that transformational processes can be neither exported nor imported. The internal conditions within the particular locale must exist for genuine change to occur, from the bottom up and inside out. As Amilcar Cabral (1979), leader of the victorious independence struggles of Cape Verde and Guineau-Bissau against almost 500 years of Portuguese colonialism, said: We also know that on the political level – however fine and attractive the reality of others may be – we can only truly transform our own reality, on the basis of detailed knowledge of it and our own efforts and sacrifices… however great the similarity between our cases and however identical our enemies, unfortunately or fortunately, national liberation and social revolution are not exportable commodities – more or less influenced by (favourable and unfavourable) external factors, but essentially determined and conditioned by the historical reality of each people.

Some demonstrated a broad perspective on race and difference. Julie wrote: “You don’t have to be from our community or our color to understand that things that are going on in our world are not balanced”, and Calvin added: “Even if you don’t experience it you hear it from the students…”. Others seemed relatively unfazed. ” Others mentioned personal relationships, like Ann, who was broadminded and teased me as well: “I like it. I feel like you are one of us. Being born a certain thing isn’t only what makes you, you.

Yes, curricula may be adaptable, but teachers have to make that happen, partnering with their students to concretise and study their own specific contexts. There are no shortcuts here. Fourth, there are no blueprints either. We make this road while walking and will not find answers in a book. We can build on existing learnings, but we also have to collaborate to produce new knowledge in this field. We can draw on the research on mathematics teaching and learning, which I do – the math reforms definitely inform my critical mathematics teaching and curriculum development – but while this is necessary, it is in no way sufficient.

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