Osteoporosis: Diagnosis, Prevention, Therapy. A Practical by Reiner Bartl, Bertha Frisch (auth.)

By Reiner Bartl, Bertha Frisch (auth.)

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Strengthen muscles and bones by reg ular exercise! Ca lcium supply is a lifelong problem. Ca lcium is not only a substrate for bone format ion. it also inhibits bone resorpt ion through its suppressive effect on the blood parathyroid hormone level. State of depression. Depression by itself is most probably not a cause of osteoporosis, but the accompanying circumstances are. Studies have shown that women with severe longstanding depression have 6 % less bone mass than matched controls without depression.

Trials in humans have not yet been published. Generally speaking, osteoporotic fractures are caused by 8 different abnormalities of bone: ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Fastest way to reduce fragility : inhibit reso rption Reduced thickness (density) Unequal proportions of compact and cancellous bone Decrease in number of "knots" in the cancellous bone Transsection of trabeculae caused by osteoclasts Inadequate bone formation Inadequate mineralisation of bone matrix (osteoid) Anomalies of structure and binding of collagen molecules ("crosslinking") Faulty repair mechanisms How can fragility be reduced?

Symptoms Back pain is one of the most frequent reasons for seeking medical advice, and every case of acute or chronic back pain must be thoroughly investigated. Since osteoporosis may be dormant and symptomless for extended periods, the onset of pain may indicate collapse or fracture of a vertebra. On the other hand, osteomalacia is characterised by widespread, early, systemic, and severe bone pain - an important factor in differential diagnosis, which includes numerous other disorders: ~ ~ Vertebral diseases: inflammatory, degenerative, myelogenous, and neoplastic Extravertebral diseases: visceral, neurological, muscular, psychosomatic, and neoplastic (e.

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