Pathfinder Module: Realm of the Fellnight Queen by Neil Spicer

By Neil Spicer

Whilst a sour gnome falls on difficult occasions and succumbs to the humiliating situation referred to as the Bleaching, he seems to be to forbidden magic for solutions to his plight, simply to unwittingly free up a sinister race of merciless fey imprisoned a while in the past within the mysterious First global. Their hateful queen, Rhoswen, now turns her gaze upon the woodland city of Bellis, weaving a cloying mist one of the timber and snaring all in a dangerous measurement of insanity and horror. Can the participant characters courageous the eldritch mist and forestall the queen ahead of she completely makes Bellis a part of her area? A desolate tract event for 7th-level Pathfinder Roleplaying video game characters.

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Description This ornate mirror measures 4 feet in diameter, framed in gold and embellished with silver. The frame depicts dozens of stylized eyes from fey creatures that alternately open and close in wakefulness or slumber. During the day, these eyes influence the mirror’s surface to act as a crystal ball with telepathy. At night, the eyes can cast scrying (looking into the dreams of subjects) and nightmare instead. Lastly, during the twilight hours between day and night, the eyes can be commanded to lay one of the following effects upon any single person gazing into the mirror: • geas (DC 21) • maze (DC 22) • vision The mirror does not function outside of the First World or demiplanes that share characteristics of the First World (such as the Fellnight Realm).

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Once complete, the invocation reacts with the mist produced by the wardstones, immediately drawing back any of Rhoswen’s forces and scattering them across the Fellnight Realm. It takes these teleported spriggans several hours to reorganize and march on Rhoswen’s palace to learn the fate of their queen, giving the PCs ample time to escape. Statistics Str 6, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 20 Base Atk +5; CMB +3; CMD 19 Feats Alertness, Combat Casting, Dodge, Eschew Materials, Persuasive, Skill Focus (Bluff ), Spell Focus (illusion), Toughness Skills Bluff +12, Diplomacy +8, Intimidate +15, Knowledge (arcana) +15, Knowledge (nature) +9, Knowledge (planes) +6, Perception +5, Sense Motive +4, Spellcraft +15 Languages Common, Elven, Gnome, Sylvan SQ bloodline arcana, woodland stride Combat Gear crook of Cildhureen (10 charges), potion of cure moderate wounds (3); Other Gear thorn darts (5), headband of alluring charisma +2, ring of protection +2, greenblood oil (3) H23.

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