Racing: A Beginner's Guide (Lifeboats) by John Caig

By John Caig

Step by step education for dinghy sailors who're able to commence racingThis ebook assumes the reader can sail and now desires to race. It goals to take them via their first few seasons of racing, to the purpose the place they could win a membership race. This new version is in complete color and features a new exact part on utilizing the uneven spinnaker. every one bankruptcy specializes in one key component of crusing: ideas, the wind, strategies, spinnakers, etc.Practical step by step consultant to the main components of racingFully illustrated with color diagrams and images to teach every one stepTakes the skipper and group via their first couple of season’s racingA digest of the main parts of racing: principles, strategies, pace etc.Will aid readers to win their first membership race

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MAST RAKE CE CLR CE (Centre of effort of the sails) is well behind the CLR (centre of lateral resistance). This boat will tend to luff, so will need excessive weather helm. CE CLR This boat is ‘in balance’ and will have slight weather helm. CE CLR This boat is will have lee helm, which is deadly. 37 RACING A BEGINNER’S GUIDE you can achieve, up to a point, by increasing the rake of the mast. Conversely too much weather helm, which needs a larger rudder deflection to hold the boat straight and has a slowing effect, can be remedied by moving the mast more upright.

You can’t assess the mast rake or bend until the tension is on. ) It is very important to be aware that the forestay on a dinghy is simply there to stop the mast falling down when the jib is removed. ) It is of vital importance that the jib luff is tighter than the forestay. Otherwise the jib will sag, and this will introduce excessive fullness (camber) into the sail. This adversely affects how close to the wind you can point on the beat. ) Rig tension is controlled by the precise setting of the jib halyard – tensions of between 90–160 kg (200–350 lbs) are typical.

Most important, you carry the gust longer as you sail down with it. As the gust passes, pull in the sheets and luff back up to increase your speed and take you to windward so you reach the next gust sooner. Always keep the boat flat so that its planing surface is horizontal. Sit out hard, bearing off at the same time if 28 This 420 is reaching straight for the buoy, although the sightline through the forestay suggests otherwise. HELMING AND CREWING SKILLS the boat begins to heel. Only in very light weather is a little heel permissible to reduce wetted area and keep the sails full.

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