Screen Plays: How 25 Scripts Made It to a Theater Near by David S. Cohen

By David S. Cohen

During this interesting survey of latest reveal craft, David Cohen of Script and diversity magazines leads readers down the lengthy and harrowing street each screenplay takes from proposal to script to monitor. In interviews with Hollywood screenwriters from around the board—Oscar winners and beginners alike—Cohen explores what units aside the blockbuster successes from the downright disasters.

Tracing the fortunes of twenty-five motion pictures, together with Troy, Erin Brockovich, misplaced in Translation, and The Aviator, Cohen deals insider entry to again plenty and boardrooms, to studio heads, administrators, and to the over-caffeinated screenwriters themselves. because the tale of every movie evolves from the planning stage to the large reveal, Cohen proves that how a script is written, bought, built, and filmed may be simply as dramatic and exciting because the motion picture itself—especially whilst the ensuing motion picture is a fiasco.

Covering motion pictures of all kinds—from tongue-in-cheek romps like John Waters's a filthy disgrace to Oscar winners like Monster's Ball and The Hours—Screen performs is an anecdote-filled, frequently inspiring, continuously revealing examine the alchemy of the motion picture enterprise. With Cohen as your professional advisor, monitor performs exposes how and why sure motion pictures (such as Gladiator) turn into "tent poles," these runaway successes each studio must continue to exist, and others develop into teach wrecks. filled with serious clues on tips on how to promote a script—and stay away from seeing it destroyed ahead of the director calls Action!—it's the only booklet each aspiring screenwriter will locate impossible to resist.

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