Tribebook: Fianna (Revised Edition, Werewolf: The by Adam Tinworth, Forrest Marchinton

By Adam Tinworth, Forrest Marchinton

Struggle for Glory, try for Wisdom
They giggle louder and weep more durable than the other tribe. they try as if they've already authorised their very own deaths, yet do their most sensible to stay lifestyles to the fullest. They deal with their foes with out mercy, and so they deal with their households with enduring love. They make bloodthirsty enemies, yet remarkable acquaintances. they're the youngsters of the Stag, the Fianna.

Live on a daily basis as though It have been Your Last
The new Tribebooks proceed with Tribebook: Fianna, the sourcebook detailing the lively Celtic warrior-tribe. research their mystery knowledge, problem the latest threats to their survival, use the recent presents, fetishes, spirit allies and rites supplied inside. And do you family members proud.

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Now, when you think of a Fianna caern you probably think of stone circles and fog-enshrouded hilltops, right? Heh. You've been listening to way too many misty-eyed bards. Let me put you straight: Yeah, some of our caerns do look like that. They're usually ones we had to take off the Get or the Fangs, though. Yeah, and we built a few of them ourselves, in places where we let other tribes influence our ways of thinking. On the whole, though, we don't defile our holy places with Weaver-inspired structures.

It's not a job that everybody wants to do, but it needs doing all they same. We're a passionate lot and we get a wee bit carried away from time tae time. You need someone to rein us in, but it's a thankless task at the best of times. What makes it worse is that with guardianship of the law, comes guardianship of our morals. A moot can be a hard time for a Philodox. While everyone else parties, he's watching over us to make sure we don't get too far out o' line. We don't want any more mules thank you very much.

Long before any of us coined the word "Fianna" to mean Stag's Children, we were proudly declaring ourselves to be his family, and we live tae do him proud, in love and in battle. When we let him down, we mourn for him and us and often can't laugh again until we've made amends. Some say that's what happened to the last Ard Righ. He let Stag down, and he's off in the Otherworld somewhere, seeking to make amends. We tend to view our totems in threes. Three is a powerful number. Just as Gaia has Wyld, Weaver and Wyrm, so Stag has White Hart, Horned One and Cernunnos.

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