Wraith: The Oblivion (1st Edition) by Sam Chupp, Mark Rein-Hagen, Jennifer Hartshorn

By Sam Chupp, Mark Rein-Hagen, Jennifer Hartshorn

A Storytelling video game of loss of life and Damnation
With every one passing day, Oblivion encroaches additional. With each soul that surrenders to Shadow, the top attracts ever nearer.
The global isn't as we all know it. Decay's candy stench now clings to all we carry expensive. it's known as the Shadowlands.
In dying there's nowhere to conceal, nowhere to run from the detest and worry, discomfort and bitterness, the Shadow within.
Hope is fragile, and few have the braveness, the fervour, to stand dying and say, "I don't cross mild into that reliable night."

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