External Fixators of the Foot and Ankle by Dr. Paul Cooper, Dr. Vasilios Polyzois, Thomas Zgonis DPM

By Dr. Paul Cooper, Dr. Vasilios Polyzois, Thomas Zgonis DPM FACFAS

External fixation has confirmed a priceless instrument within the attempt to right deformities, enhance therapeutic of fractures, and enhance results of orthopedic surgical procedure. This expertly built reference, External Fixators of the Foot and Ankle, explores the ways that exterior fixators are used to minimize tissue harm, lessen pressure on nerves and vasculature, and enhance therapeutic in the surgical operation of foot and ankle deformities and injuries.

Authoritative views from major orthopedic and podiatric surgeons support to construct an realizing and advance your approach. The multidisciplinary staff method in treating advanced trauma, reconstructive, or diabetic sufferers is emphasised all through this textbook.  certain assurance of the instruments of exterior fixation describes the jobs, purposes, and obstacles of some of the jewelry, rods, wires, pins, and designs utilized in exterior fixation. How-to, step by step guide addresses more than a few fixation approaches, assisting readers comprehend the proper anatomy and stay away from strength problems. plentiful illustrations spotlight the textual content, delivering a surgeon’s eye view of a variety of ordinarily played procedures.


Inside you’ll discover…
• Authoritative perspectives
from major orthopedic and podiatric surgeons support construct an figuring out and develop your technique

• designated insurance of the instruments of exterior fixation describes the jobs, purposes, and obstacles of some of the jewelry, rods, wires, pins, and designs utilized in exterior fixation

• step by step, how-to instruction addresses quite a number fixation tactics, assisting the appropriate anatomy and keep away from strength complications

• 1,300 illustrations spotlight the textual content, supplying you with a surgeon’s eye view of a number regularly played procedures


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Note the entry and exit points on saw bone models (C, D). 26. Examples of a five-eighth ring (A) and drop wire (B) technique utilized for fixation of talar skinny wires. This allows safe zone placement while keeping the external fixator from impinging on the anterior ankle. A Another area of difficulty with regard to fixation in the talus involves the external fixator itself. Fixation of the talar wires directly to a circular ring may cause the ring to impinge on the ankle anteriorly. 26A and B).

Recommended Readings Barrett MO, Wade AM, Della Rocca GJ, et al. The safety of forefoot metatarsal pins in external fixation of the lower extremity. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2008; 90:560–564. Casey D, McConnell T, Parekh S, et al. Percutaneous pin placement in the medial calcaneus: is anywhere safe? J Orthop Trauma. 2004;18:S39–S42. DeCoster TA, Crawford MK, Kraut MA. Safe extracapsular placement of proximal tibia transfixation pins. J Orthop Trauma. 1999;13:S43–S47. Gamie Z, Donnelly L, Tsiridis E.

In fact, 45 degrees is more than adequate at this level due to the difficulty with the anatomy of the ankle joint and talus. A second wire can be placed from a posterior lateral position, behind the fibula, in the interval between the peroneal tendons and the Achilles tendon. 25A–D). Care must be taken to avoid the sural nerve at this level. 24. The safest talar wire is axial, placed either from a medial position in the designated safe area above the line between the tip of the medial malleolus and navicular tuberosity (A) or laterally from an area a finger breadth anterior to the tip of the lateral malleolus (B, C).

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