GURPS Martial Arts by Peter Dell'Orto

By Peter Dell'Orto

Inscrutable masters from hidden temples. exact Forces infantrymen. Swashbuckling pirates. Bare-chested brawlers.
GURPS Martial Arts brings struggling with types from all through heritage to Fourth version. From well known Asian bare-handed strategies to ecu wrestle arts to impressive non-human education, this booklet balances real looking historic faculties with cinematic feats from Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Hollywood. Recreate the best combatants on the earth, or create a mode to slot a brand new crusade, Martial Arts has the innovations and guidance you would like.
now not all wrestle suggestions map to ideas and kinds, even if. Many require extensions to the strive against procedure itself, so Martial Arts expands at the wrestle and damage ideas from GURPS easy Set. a few of these additions are hugely lifelike, whereas others are tremendous cinematic - yet they're all not obligatory, permitting the GM to make a decision which principles observe. Customizing the GURPS wrestle method hasn't ever been more straightforward.
This e-book replaces and expands at the details and ideas from the former variation of GURPS Martial Arts for 3rd version.

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Basic Move must remain within ±3 yards/second of its base value. Only mundane advantages and disadvantages are allowed; those labeled exotic 1 or supernatural 5 are off-limits. Mundane traits described as “cinematic” – Enhanced Defenses, Gadgeteer, Gizmos, Gunslinger, Rapier Wit, Trained by a Master, Weapon Master, etc. – are also forbidden. The GM might even wish to rule out such borderlinesupernatural advantages as Danger Sense, Daredevil, Empathy, Luck, and Serendipity. The above restrictions weaken somewhat in TL8+ campaigns.

You might practice your art in a monastery or alone, as a hermit. You don’t actively seek adventure – but it might find you during a pilgrimage or a quest, or when disrespectful outsiders challenge the peace of your monastery or hermitage. Attributes: ST 11 [10]; DX 11 [20]; IQ 12 [40]; HT 11 [10]. 50 [0]; Basic Move 5 [0]. Advantages: 15 points chosen from among ST or HT +1 [10], Will +1 to +3 [5/level], Autotrance [1], Claim to Hospitality (Monasteries of the same order) [1], Clerical Investment [5], Enhanced Dodge 1 [15], Enhanced Parry 1 [5 or 10], Fearlessness 1-5 [2/level] or Unfazeable [15], Fit [5], High Pain Threshold [10], Less Sleep 1-4 [2/level], Longevity [2], Perfect Balance [15], Resistant to Disease (+3) [3], Resistant to Poison (+3) [5], Single-Minded [5], or Style Perks [1/perk].

206-207). Other styles made famous by movie stars are Aikido (p. 149), Jeet Kune Do (pp. 164-165), Professional Wrestling (p. 206), and Wing Chun (pp. 203-204). Actors often use training in modern art and sport forms to simulate Shaolin Kung Fu (p. 194) and Taijutsu (pp. 202-203) – but in a cinematic game, their skills might be real. Weapons show up in film, too, led by the whippy swords of Sport Fencing (p. 160), the trademark nunchaku and sais of Kobujutsu (p. 178), and the “ninja stars” of Shurikenjutsu (pp.

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