Misfit Monsters Redeemed (Pathfinder Campaigh Setting) by Colin McComb, James L. Sutter, Rob McCreary

By Colin McComb, James L. Sutter, Rob McCreary

With the trepidation of an adventurer exploring a dungeon with a sweating brow and a 10-foot pole, Paizo proudly provides Misfit Monsters Redeemed, an in-depth examine 10 of the lamest, most-hated, and flat-out goofiest monsters ever to hang-out a fable roleplaying crusade. This soon-to-be mythical, 64-page, full-color quantity contains all-new backgrounds, expansions, and tips for significant cute losers just like the Adherer, Delver, Dire Corby, Disenchanter, Flail Snail, Flumph, Lava baby, Lurker Above, Tojanida and, in fact, the insidious Wolf-in-Sheep's garments!

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Flumphs are consummate observers, lurking just outside of humanoid communities and watching the movements of the creatures they are bound to protect. Most sages familiar with the f lumphs agree that these creatures hail from beyond this world, and may have arrived through gates used by ancient, magical empires to visit other planets. In fact, the truth is much stranger: when it comes time to reproduce, f lumphs sometimes send their durable seeds f lying toward other worlds, carrying with them the burden of enlightening the local populace about the celestial threats that loom at the universe’s edge.

With their magic-warping shells, the snails add an element of randomness that can be fun and surprising for both GM and players, and force parties into new strategies. Because of their slow speed and ability to make vast swaths of ground almost impassable, f lail snails make better guardians than active predators. Perhaps someone has hidden a powerful magic item or spellbook in the center of f lail snail territory, knowing that those most likely to hunt for it—spellcasters—will have the hardest time breaking through the f lail snails’ lines.

Typical f lumphs weigh 15 pounds and are 3 feet across. Flumphs deeply revere dreams, seeing them as omens and portents. While they normally mate and reproduce on the world of their birth, f lumphs occasionally engage in a ritual called the Seeding, in which seed pods are f lung into outer space in order to provide other planets with guardians. This human-sized and disk-shaped creature f loats in the air like a jellyfish. Beneath it, numerous tentacles hang down around several long spikes that jut from the creature’s center.

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