Toward an Ethics and Etiquette for Electronic Mail by Norman Zalmon Shapiro

By Norman Zalmon Shapiro

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Always remember, though, that you should have a professional electrician sort out any problems that don’t have a simple and straightforward solution. 39 This page intentionally left blank Chapter 5 Advancing the Show 41 Before a tour has even started, part of your job as an enthusiastic audio engineer is to advance the shows, which means that you create documents of your band’s technical specifications (or “tech specs”) and then send them over to your tour or production managers so they can send them to the venues and/or promoters, along with any other documents they need.

The light bulb has two terminals on either side. One is connected to the negative terminal on a power supply, and the other side is connected to the positive terminal on the power supply. This means that the circuit is complete Live Audio. © 2011 Dave Swallow. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 28 Section 1 Pre Show and that our athletes are free to run around our track from the start (negative terminal on the power supply) to the finish line (the positive terminal on the power supply).

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