Ghostwalk (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying by Monte Cook, Sean K. Reynolds

By Monte Cook, Sean K. Reynolds

Welcome to the Ghostwalk crusade, a excessive myth roleplaying atmosphere. In a few very basic methods, it truly is like many different campaigns for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® video game; it's a international with magic and monsters, with gods and demons, and with stories of an afterlife that waits for heroes and villains alike. avid gamers create desktops, DMs create adventures, and also you carry them jointly, leading to nice stories of bold heroism.

The one vital distinction in a Ghostwalk cam- paign is this—when your personality dies, you don’t need to cease taking part in. as a substitute, you could continue the adven- ture going, taking part in your personality as a ghost and ben- efiting from a complete new set of abilities and skills. Ghosts in a Ghostwalk crusade are easily the spirits of the useless. they don't “haunt” areas or humans the best way they do in different settings (although that observe is typically used to explain the house of a ghost). the following, they're free-willed, free-roaming spirits. actually, a few characters may well take pleasure in themselves extra as ghosts than they did as residing beings.

The urban of take place rests atop ruins from precedent days and much above the doorway to the land of the useless. the following, the realm of the dwelling is shared both with the deceased, who linger in actual shape prior to ultimately passing in the course of the Veil. no matter if presently dwelling or lifeless, citizens and viewers are guaranteed of an eternity of motion and intrigue.

Ghostwalk includes every thing had to run a stand-alone crusade in and round the urban of take place, or to combine it into an latest global, together with principles for taking part in ghost characters and advancing within the new eidolon and eidoloncer periods, numerous new status periods, over 70 new feats and sixty five new spells, 3 whole adventures, 4 hugely exact come upon websites, and fourteen new monsters and templates.

To use this accent, a Dungeon grasp additionally wishes the Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual. A participant wishes merely the Player’s Handbook.

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Pathfinder Player Companion: Pirates of the Inner Sea by Amber E. Scott

By Amber E. Scott

Information on pirate strongholds, from the tropical isles of the Shackles to the Varisian urban of Riddleport and past, current quite a lot of ideas for freebooters, corsairs, scallywags, or even government-sponsored privateers during the internal Sea zone. Pirate-themed archetypes, new spells and magic, feats, piratical personality qualities, a pirate slang primer, and extra anticipate plunder during this player-friendly publication!

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Rifts: Phase World: The Three Galaxies by Carl Gleba

By Carl Gleba

Rifts measurement e-book 6: 3 Galaxies
A consultant to the 3 Galaxies, this ebook takes a glance at dozens of sun structures, remarkable planets, decide on alien races, humans, civilizations and monsters, in addition to house anomalies, spaceships and extra. this is often one other sourcebook that's perfect for campaigns regarding the Minion warfare, the Thundercloud Galaxy, part international and adventures within the 3 Galaxies.
An assessment of the 3 Galaxies.
16 O.C.C.s/R.C.C.s together with the Obsidian Spell Thief and area Warlock.
A part dozen monsters plus the mysterious Necrol.
More info at the Intruders, Kreeghor, Splugorth and others.
Draygon Industries and their weapons.
Demon Stars, Demon Planets and magic starships.
Notable spaceships and weapon systems.
The big Necrol and their dwelling guns and spacecraft.
Notable gear of the 3 Galaxies.
A wealth of history fabric and event ideas.
Written through Carl Gleba.
160 pages Cat. No. 851.

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Mage: The Ascension (Revised Edition) by John Chambers, Dierd're Brooks, Lindsay Woodcock

By John Chambers, Dierd're Brooks, Lindsay Woodcock

Reality Overthrown!

Their history is magic, their quest fact. each tradition has nurtured or condemned them. They lead humanity to the a ways horizon and past. they're mages, the inventors of sorcery, technological know-how and religion. for hundreds of years they've got battled to outline life and lead humanity to an enlightened age. Now, in an age whilst expertise is humanity's magic, the magicians of yesteryear's mystic Traditions struggle for survival and the main to the cosmos itself – Ascension.

Choose Your Truth

The heroes of 'Mage: The Ascension', revised within the culture of 'Vampire: The Masquerade', have misplaced their conflict for truth however the fight maintains during this fundamental quantity. all the Traditions are up-to-date and elaborated, besides the historical past of mages on the planet of Darkness. discover the revised principles of the Spheres, Resonance and Paradox. See the devastating alterations that sign the top for the Ascension struggle, and find out how smooth mages live on 2000s yr of Revelations.

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Tomb of Horrors (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed: Super Adventure) by Ari Marmell, Scott Fitzgerald Gray

By Ari Marmell, Scott Fitzgerald Gray

The deadliest dungeon within the D&D® international returns!

For generations, the Tomb of Horrors™ has held an inescapable attract. It attracts adventurers to it like a beacon then devours them totally like a few big predator. inside of its sepulchral, trap-ridden halls and chambers lay the secrets and techniques and treasures of the demilich Acererak and, a few say, the demilich himself.
Tomb of Horrors encompasses a modular layout that permits Dungeon Masters to construct campaigns round the occasions herein, or decide and select from a few of the chapters to be used as standalone adventures. It provides numerous demanding situations, from elaborate strive against encounters to traps and methods evocative of the vintage Tomb of Horrors adventure.
This D&D event is designed for characters of 10th–22nd point and features a full-color, double-sided conflict map designed to be used with D&D Miniatures.

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Ghostwood Haunts: DW3: A Dungeon World Adventure by Johnstone Metzger

By Johnstone Metzger

Ghostwood Haunts is an introductory experience module for the Dungeon global fable role-playing game.

In the midst of the Ghostwood, the village of Knifesbridge holds an insignificant few thousand souls, yet difficulty adequate for all. A gang of bandits preys upon the neighborhood street site visitors, drug habit spreads via sleepy village streets, and corruption on the middle of municipal politics stymies all makes an attempt to revive legislation and order. Worse but, a useless witch's ghost seeks vengeance, and a demon waits to stroll once again underneath the Ghostwood's leaves. on the crossroads among those fronts lies and previous, deserted tower, and the secrets and techniques buried underneath it's going to tear this village apart.

Inside this event module you are going to find:

  • Two whole fronts with 3 hazards each.
  • NPCs for every of those six risks, plus extra to populate Knifesbridge.
  • Suggested and non-compulsory scenes that extra the villains evil scenes.
  • Crime, political corruption, and drug addiction.
  • Ghosts, witches, and a demon.
  • Maps of significant locations.
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    Dark Heresy: The Lathe Worlds by Andy Hoare, Andy Chambers, Matthew Boles, Ross Watson, Max

    By Andy Hoare, Andy Chambers, Matthew Boles, Ross Watson, Max Brooke, Kendall Butner, Craig Gallant

    For 10000 years, the tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus have led the Cult of the Omnissiah. From their bastion Forges at the Lathe Worlds, they regulate all Holy expertise within the Calixis Sector.

    The Lathe Worlds is a complement for darkish Heresy that finds the key background of the Lathe Worlds, from their mysterious founding to their present struggles opposed to tech-heresy. What’s extra, gamers will achieve entry to new exchange Careers reminiscent of the Mech-Assassin and Agent of the Lords Dragon, and arm themselves with guns and presents of the Omnissiah. And in an exhilarating new event, your crew will trip to a misplaced comet-station, the place they’ll cease renegade tech-priests from heretical experiments into the Warp!

    This isn't really a standalone product. a replica of the darkish Heresy middle rulebook is needed to play.

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    Dark Sun Campaign Setting (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed: by Robert J. Schwalb, Richard Baker, Rodney Thompson

    By Robert J. Schwalb, Richard Baker, Rodney Thompson

    Discover a savage, wondrous world...

    Aimed at gamers and Dungeon Masters, this online game complement explores the heroes and wonders of Athas—a savage wasteland global deserted by way of the gods and governed by way of bad sorcerer-kings. Use it to construct Dark Sun® heroes and exciting D&D® adventures set within the Seven towns of the Tyr quarter, the Ivory Triangle, the ocean of Silt, and monster-infested wastelands—or plunder it to your personal D&D campaign!
    The Dark Sun crusade Setting presents fascinating personality concepts for D&D players, together with new races, new personality subject matters and sophistication builds, new paragon paths and epic destinies, and new gear. It additionally presents every little thing Dungeon Masters have to run 4th version Dark Sun campaigns or comprise Dark Sun components of their homebrew campaigns. It has ideas and recommendation for dealing with survival demanding situations, enviornment encounters, desolate tract terrain, and experience production. It additionally offers a quick, ready-to-play introductory experience.

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    Moria: The Dwarven City (MERP ICE #2900) by Peter C. Fenlon Jr.

    By Peter C. Fenlon Jr.

    This package deal info the entire DWARVEN urban OF KHAZAD-DUM and comprises 7 Deeps (levels and sublevels) maps and cross-section diagrams of either town and the mines, diagrams of traps, machines and forging implements, large-scale particular floorplans of particular parts: the Chamber of Marzarbul, the unending Stair, Durin's Bridge, and the access Halls, details on Durin's tribe, 3 Orc tribes, the numerous creatures who later inhabit Moria, and, after all, the BALROG.

    Deep in the bowels of the crucial Misty Mountains lies Moria, the "Black Chasm". the following stood Khazad-Dum (Kh. "Dwarf-mansion") the dominion of the noblest Lord of the Seven Tribes of Dwarves, a urban sculpted from rock and decorated by means of the best hall-builders in their day. inside of its recesses Durin's people mined worthy metals and found mithril, the "true-silver".

    Now its chambers are darkish and its developers long gone. stories communicate of a Balrog, a "Demon of Might" which as soon as served the Black Enemy Morgoth.

    Bats and wolves and lethal traps wait for these bold few who seep the treasures buried deep within the nonetheless, dank chambers of the Black Chasm.

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    Destiny's Price (Mage: The Ascension) by Phil Brucato, Forrest Black, Beth Ficschi, Amelia G.,

    By Phil Brucato, Forrest Black, Beth Ficschi, Amelia G., Stephen Long, Jaymi Wiley

    The Test

    The rainy highway reflected the neon and the darkish both, impassively. At my ft, one other existence. I swallowed, knelt, felt her faltering pulse. I caressed her cheek. A caress just like the angel of dying. My throat tightened: Why do I remain? as though in reaction, the death woman whispered, "Hold me."

    "At what expense such power?" requested Siehchang. And back: "At what cost such knowledge?"

    I used to be silent. How may possibly I respond?

    "Indeed," he acknowledged, "who can solution totally to destiny's price?"

    - Kiki Siehchang, Verbena grasp, from the The Dialogues of Siehchang and Ortega
    The Price

    The streets provide never-ending questions. This publication, despite the fact that, holds many solutions for the Gothic-Punk troupe. inside its pages, gamers and Storytellers will locate characters, settings, new ideas, road apparatus, and a few harsh truths concerning the city nightmare, including:

    A guided journey of the streets through one that is aware them.

    Dozens of characters, settings and guns, plus information about equipped legal groups.

    Source fabric for Mage, Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith or even Changeling.

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